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Our Services

Our Services
At Linka Howe Law Offices, our legal professionals offer a broad range of services.  Click on the links below to explore our offerings.
Real Estate

The practice area of real estate and property law deals with a variety of related issues in both commercial and residential settings.  Issues may include:

      • rights and interests in real estate and real property;
      • sales, purchases and other transfers of real estate and real property;
      • legal aspects of rental property and landlord issues;
      • tenants', renters' and homeowners' rights;
      • title to real property;
      • settlement of claims against property rights;
      • property development;
      • zoning and land use;
      • related agriculture issues;
      • home loans and foreclosures; and
      • various other relevant topics.

Please see the Top Ten List of Real Estate Closing Costs! which outlines the costs a purchaser or seller can expect to encounter when buying or selling real estate.

At Rodger W. Linka Law Office, our experienced lawyers and support staff are able to guide our clients through these processes.

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